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Baby Boomers’ Biggest Financial Risk: Cognitive Decline

For baby boomers who manage their own nest eggs, a risk is looming that has nothing to do with stock prices or interest rates.  The risk is cognitive decline, which can rob them of their judgment, often without much warning.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to avoid the pitfalls of cognitive decline and have peace of mind knowing that your financial decisions are in the hands of professionals you can trust.

David Rosenberg: You know a market is all priced in when …

How do you know when the markets are all priced in? When good news fails to incite a positive price reaction.  Read more in our blog post, and be sure to contact us at Crossgrove & Company in order to keep from falling victim to natural tendencies when looking at the markets.  With our advisors, you can always count on sound and timely advice!

Housing is keeping Canada's economy going and that's bad news when the bubble pops

One has to wonder what happens to the Canadian economy when the housing bubble finally does pop, the stimulus programs abate, and the commodity cycle runs its course. What is left? The reopening of the economy?  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company where we're always staying on top of economic forecasting and positioning our client portfolios to preserve their wealth even in the bleakest of times.

#MacroView: Siegel On Why Stocks Could Rise 30%

“Can we say when it will end? No. Can we say that it will end? Yes. And when it ends and the trend reverses, here is what we can say for sure. Few will be ready. Few will be prepared.”  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to speak to one of our expert advisors on how to be one of the few who are prepared by hoping for the best but planning for the worst.  

Canadians deserve fiduciaries to manage their finances

Ask the average Canadian investor if current regulations require financial advisors to act in the best interests of their clients. Their responses would likely be split between “yes” and “I sure hope so.” But the real answer to this question is, “No, but with few exceptions.”  At Crossgrove & Company, we pride ourselves on always having put our clients' best interests first - and that will never change!

An insurance strategy that can maximize a client’s estate

“It’s not insurance in the traditional sense but it replaces a typical need that insurance professionals are fundamentally familiar with, and this excites people in the business because they want to make sure simply that families are protected.”  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to have us walk you through sound strategies to maximize your earning potential!

What to do when it’s time to convert an RRSP?

Financial advisors help investors get into the habit of saving and building a retirement nest egg as well as taking advantage of the tax deferral in their registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs). But once those clients reach their golden years, the conversation must turn to drawing those assets down and giving the tax authorities their due.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to get expert advice on how to go about maximizing what you've worked hard for your entire life...

B.C. couple has done everything right financially, but these tweaks will make retirement even more comfortable

'Helen’s RRSP, with a $37,000 balance, is also underfunded. They could raise the balance using $41,000 of stock in Sam’s employer, a major tech firm. If Sam adds to Helen’s balance by making a spousal contribution, he will get the tax reduction and she will get the RRSP contribution. The strategy is common. It will achieve income shifting and tax reduction'  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company and let our experts guide you through tax-efficient strategies in an ever-changing landscape!

Financial optimism during the pandemic: Canadians discovering true value of advice and planning - RBC poll

Some Canadians are finding financial peace of mind in the midst of the pandemic. Why? They have a financial plan, with savings and investing actions in place to help achieve their goals. They've connected with an advisor. And they're feeling much more confident about their future, according to the latest RBC Financial Independence in Retirement Poll.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to expert advice from our experienced team of advisors.

59% of Canadians Are Making This Retirement-Planning Mistake

Are you approaching retirement with a plan?  According to the results of the 2019 Bank of Nova Scotia Investment Poll, losing financial independence in retirement is the biggest fear of 59% of Canadians.  While 7 in 10 are saving for retirement, the same 70% think they won’t save enough.  Talk to one of our expert advisors and start going about the right plan for you today!

Discover what's important

'As I hunkered down with my family during the early pandemic lockdown in March 2020, I didn’t think about my asset allocation, my investment results or my benchmark-relative returns. I thought about my family and our preparedness for the next 12-18 months. It was overwhelming to say the least.'  Contact us today and let us stay on top of your means to sustain and improve your lifestyle!

Bitcoin: Digital currency, digital gold, or digital tulip?

Not surprisingly, I have received a flurry of questions in recent days and weeks about whether bitcoin is suitable for an institutional or retail investor’s portfolio. In particular, clients are wondering if 1) bitcoin can be considered a currency or 2) if bitcoin can be considered a commodity such as gold.  Contact us to speak to one of our advisors who can help you navigate the landscape of cryptocurrencies and more!

The Great Reassessment

In many cases, this period (COVID-19) has forced us and our clients to reexamine and make major life changes: relocating, adult children moving back in with parents, a new or lost job, or a different work/life balance.  At Crossgrove & Company, we believe in hoping for the best but preparing for the worst - that's why so many of our clients have remained successful even in the darkest of times.  Contact us today to join...

Extraordinary Popular Delusions & The Madness Of Crowds

Throughout history, bubbles are a function of the extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.  Contact us today to get sound, professional advice from our experts here at Crossgrove & Company.

The Return of Inflation

Inflation is not dead. It is not gone. It has not been tamed.  Here's why and what to look out for...

Are we in a stock market bubble?

Has “irrational exuberance” gotten the better of markets?  Is the stock market in a speculative bubble?  Let's find out...

The Next Decade Will Likely Foil Most Financial Plans

There are many individuals in the market today who have never been through an actual “bear market.” These events, while painful, are necessary to “reset the table” for outsized market returns in the future. Without such an event, it is highly likely the next decade will foil most financial plans.  At Crossgrove & Company, our expertise spanning over several decades will ensure that you make the right moves at the right time when it comes to effectively managing your assets.

Yes, Virginia. There Is A Stock Market Bubble.

As we enter 2021, there are two myths told to investors to support the bull market narrative. The first, as we debunked recently, is that low-interest rates justify high valuations. The second is that since valuations are not as high as the “” crisis, there is no “stock market bubble.”  Let us provide you with professional and informed advice based on decades of experience to get you the results that you deserve.

Op-ed: Josh Brown’s four questions to ask your next financial advisor

If you’re one of these investors who is currently in the process of rethinking your advisor relationship, you should be aware that there are four questions you absolutely have the right to have answered by whomever is going to be investing your money and planning your financial future.  At Crossgrove & Company, we believe in transparency and you can rest assured that you're in the right hands.

Bitcoin: tulipmania or the store of value for the new millenia?

After JP Morgan Chase & Co. strategists reported the cryptocurrency could reach $146,000, WP presents contrasting views