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Yes, Virginia. There Is A Stock Market Bubble.

As we enter 2021, there are two myths told to investors to support the bull market narrative. The first, as we debunked recently, is that low-interest rates justify high valuations. The second is that since valuations are not as high as the “” crisis, there is no “stock market bubble.”  Let us provide you with professional and informed advice based on decades of experience to get you the results that you deserve.

Op-ed: Josh Brown’s four questions to ask your next financial advisor

If you’re one of these investors who is currently in the process of rethinking your advisor relationship, you should be aware that there are four questions you absolutely have the right to have answered by whomever is going to be investing your money and planning your financial future.  At Crossgrove & Company, we believe in transparency and you can rest assured that you're in the right hands.

Bitcoin: tulipmania or the store of value for the new millenia?

After JP Morgan Chase & Co. strategists reported the cryptocurrency could reach $146,000, WP presents contrasting views

A bullish forecast for the Loonie

The S&P 500 continued to climb higher in spite of higher Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths, rising 32 points, or 0.9% to a new all-time high of 3699. Economic prints were generally in line with expectations. However, the employment numbers were disappointing but not terrible enough to halt the trajectory of the stock prices and other important markets.  Amidst all the contrast that exists today, there really is no substitute for the kind of financial expertise you'll receive at Crossgrove & Company.

Moderna and Pfizer Are Reinventing Vaccines, Starting With Covid

At Crossgrove & Company, we know that, whether it be with respect to investments or life in general, sometimes the darkest of times present the brightest of opportunities.  The two leading vaccines, including one developed by BioNTech, are based on a new gene-based technology that could help fight a range of diseases including cancer, heart disease, and other infectious diseases.

Change is coming in 2021 for wealth management: Forrester

Technology can help firms and advisors meet changing client expectations.  In its recent report, Predictions 2021: Wealth Management, Forrester outlines three potential shifts in the wealth management industry in the U.S. These changes include making investing easier for consumers, greater client acquisition but not much more revenue, and a growing demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments.

Take Action Against Fraud

In 2019 in Canada, there were 19,285 victims of fraud and $98 million lost to fraud, not including unreported cases. Scams affecting individuals come in so many different forms that the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre has compiled an alphabetical list.  At Crossgrove & Company, we ensure safety, protection, and effectiveness for the assets you've earned.  

Hyundai Canada focuses on mental-health benefits amid pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the landscape of Canadian workplaces. Now, more than ever, communication and compassion are imperative for employees to feel secure and supported by their employers.  At Crossgrove & Company, we consult with you and employ our expertise in ensuring that your workforce is well-maintained for the most competitive premiums in the market.  

Insurers rethink client service

Today’s challenges can be overcome with a new value proposition, a report says.

To succeed over the next decade, insurers must get serious about relationship-building with consumers, says a new report from New York–based McKinsey & Company.

At Crossgrove & Company, we've taken many strides to develop our ability to handle change and improve the relationships we share with both clients and prospects.

Here’s how to manage your emotions while investing through the pandemic

When it comes to investing decisions, there’s a chance your financial advisor is helping save you from yourself.

How? By accounting for the fact that, well, you’re human.

While they aren’t exactly doing mind tricks, some advisors use behavioral finance techniques that may have helped protect clients from their own worst instincts during the early year market drop in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a study suggests. And there are probably lessons there for do-it-yourself investors as well.

Concentrated portion of plan members responsible for 53% of total drug costs in 2019: report

With total drugs expenses and the number of claimants on the rise, it's important to ensure your workforce is protected by optimal coverage while mitigating both premiums as well as exposure to incurred claims.  Read further to learn more about the changing landscape of group benefit cost breakdowns.  Here, at Crossgrove & Co., we show our clients and prospects how to best achieve their goals with regards to a group benefit plan while producing material savings year over year.  Contact us to get a free group benefits quote and let us save you 10% or more on an equal or more robust group benefits plan!

Disputing when critical illness insurance is payable

Thinking of cancelling your Critical Illness insurance policy?  You may want to reconsider!  Not only will 1 in 4 people develop a critical illness by age 65, but a critical illness is also one of the main reasons behind home foreclosures.  Read more to find out what this individual realized after cancelling his critical illness insurance policy...

Investment industry calls for changes, greater clarity to proposed title rules

In a time of such uncertainty, where even the rules are in question, don't take any chances when it comes to having confidence in those who manage your finances.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to ensure you're getting the most sound and honest financial advice available - that's something that you can always count on...

Is it time for employers to take a look at voluntary benefits?

In a landscape where choice is paramount, having an advisor to help you navigate those options will help you get the most out of your plan...

Educating financial professionals to be disruption-proof

Educating financial professionals to be disruption-proof

How small investment firms have mobilized amid the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an adjustment for most financial advisors, who have had to work from home and meet with clients virtually amid extreme market volatility, but the experience has been a bit different for those at smaller firms.

Marketplace in Denial - Mortgage Insurance Exposed

Why pay more for less?  Mortgage insurance values decrease with time as you pay off your loan to the bank, and cost more than term life insurance; a coverage that not only maintains its original face value, but also allows you to appoint a beneficiary of your choosing instead of the bank.  Take a look...

COVID-19: Life insurers’ measures

P&C insurers are not the only firms that have taken measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Life insurers in Canada also adjusted their products and methods extensively.

Employee, employer views on quality of benefits plans differ, finds Sanofi survey

“Organizations that promote the health and well-being of their employees certainly stood out in the context of the labour shortage before the COVID-19 health crisis. They will stand out even more after this crisis,” said Brigette Marcoux, organizational health senior advisor at SSQ Life Insurance Co. and a member of the Sanofi Canada advisory board.

Travel Insurance Amidst COVID - The latest from Allianz, Manulife and the CLHIA

Now that Blue Cross Ontario and Blue Cross Quebec, along with B2C insurer Medipac, have introduced COVID-19 coverage into select policies, travel advisors are watching to see if others others will follow suit.