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Lunenburg restaurant group now offers medical and dental benefits to employees

The benefits plan is being offered to everyone, from dishwashers on up the ladder. Restaurants need to hire new staff every year, and Salvador is well aware that people will be attracted by the perk.

“I said to Sylvie that in the almost 20 years that we’ve been here, this is the thing we’re probably most proud of, being able to offer this to our staff.”

With many years of experience in the business of group benefits brokerage and consultancy, Crossgrove & Company has helped many operations across a wide range of industries offer their workforce a comprehensive benefits package.  Whether it be for the very first time or are looking to improve the efficiency of a plan that's already in place, you're in good hands.

Chief Investment Advisor: sidestep the U.S. Banking Mess

'One minute you’re enjoying a beautiful sunny day, skiing with your family in Quebec. The next … a bank you’ve recommended to thousands of paying members has an unprecedented run on deposits and evaporates before your very eyes.'

TFSA vs RRSP: How to decide between the two

An RRSP is a personal savings plan registered with the Canadian federal government that allows you to save for the future on a tax-sheltered basis. What makes it special is that your contributions are tax deductible.

Contributions to a TFSA, unlike an RRSP, are not tax-deductible, however returns (interest, dividends, or capital gains) within a TFSA are not taxed, even when withdrawn.

Talk to one of our licensed advisors to see what you can be doing to fully realize the benefits of saving vehicles.

How financial and estate planning can reduce money stress

Crossgrove and Company offers much more than product placement, we offer comprehensive Estate Planning services. Our experienced financial planning professionals will help you identify risks or conflicts that may arise from the current estate plan and work with you, your accountant and legal advisors to coordinate and help implement the most efficient and effective transfer of assets to your beneficiaries using the latest best practices.

Banks sell mortgage insurance, but independent experts say you shouldn’t buy it

When buying a home, there is little that is more essential than the insurance that covers the liablity. With 48% of home foreclosures being the result of injury or illness, paired with the fact that the probability that your average 25 year old has a 43% chance of becoming disabled, a 20% chance of becoming critically ill, and a 52% chance of encountering death, disability, or critical illness prior to the age of 65, having to exercise the use of any coverage you may have in place is common.

Top 5 HR, benefits, pension and investment stories of the week

At Crossgrove & Company, we believe in providing the best advice and solutions for our clients in order to build strong, long term relationships and trust. We are a full service shop – offering advice and plans for individual risk management, group benefits & retirement, and investing tailored to the needs of clients seeking to build, preserve, and transfer wealth. 

Group benefits executives discuss key industry trends for 2023

Crossgrove & Company Inc. provides independent, professional consulting assistance to clientele regarding their employee benefits and insurance programs.  As an agent & broker, we provide ongoing customer service which encompasses enrollment, billing, education, and claims dispute resolution.  Crossgrove & Company commands the most competitive premiums for its clients year-over year, thereby mitigating the risk of future rate increases brought on by carriers.  Contact us today!

How a financial advisor can ease your concerns during uncertain economic times

Talk to a Crossgrove & Company advisor to learn how you can build your financial confidence and achieve your financial goals during times of market volatility.

Do younger Canadians need life insurance?

Health insurance may not be top of mind for those of you who are young, especially those without a family or large debt.  But getting ahead of the curve of inevitabilities and circumstances both foreseen and unforeseen can have you thanking yourself down the road by locking in low rates in your younger years.  Speak to one of our representatives at Crossgrove & Company to have your optimal options laid out for you.

Crypto: Magical Thinking that Infected Capitalism

Solving problems in new ways that sustainably deliver value to employees, capital providers, and customers is the path to success. On the other hand, over-promising the scope of new technology and the change it will create will eventually fail, bringing much dissatisfaction.  Having been in business since 1988, we at Crossgrove & Company have seen many fads come and go.  Contact us for financial advice that is tried, tested, and true.

A Proactive Approach to Disability Insurance

Whether it comes to groups or individuals, Crossgrove & Company ensures that its clients take a proactive approach to coverage.  A unique feature of ours is that we offer free consultations to our group client employees in order to educate them on the gaps that may exist between their group coverage and what they may need personally.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Bill C-228: What it is and what it means for pensions, if passed

Keeping up with legislation and interpreting how it affects you can be a daunting task – that’s where we come in.  Talk to one of our experts at Crossgrove & Company and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re in the right hands today and in the future.

Top 9 Investing Trends For 2023

Staying on top of investment trends and making sense of them can be challenging, to say the least.  Having someone you can trust when it comes to employing strategies can turn stresses into high hopes.  Contact one of our experts at Crossgrove & Company and let us do what we do best, for you. 

Tips for 2 tough conversations with clients

As with anything, circumstances change with time.  That’s why, at Crossgrove & Company, we scan the market in full with your specific needs in mind to bring you the optimal option(s) available.  Contact us today to find out where gaps in your coverage may exist, and how best to go about filling in the blanks.

Employee Benefits: Pandemic changes for both young and old

Whether you’re not far removed from grad school and starting your career or staring down the barrel of retirement, employee group benefits and health insurance should always be a priority.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to get the right plan at the lowest price.

Best of 2022: Canada’s top financial advisors share their insights

Happy New Year!  Follow our Crossgrove & Company blog and social media platforms (Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram) for up-to-date financial advice to start 2023.  Better yet, contact us and let us tailor a plan specific to your needs!

Insurance 101: What is insurance and how much do I really need?

Being prepared for potential misfortunes can save you much more than just money.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company and have one of our experts ask the right questions to make the right recommendations when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones.  From life, to critical illness, to disability, to travel and beyond, we have access to all your insurance needs.

5 things to know about group benefits

At Crossgrove & Company, we review each of our clients’ benefit structure every year in order to identify and communicate trends, areas of improvement and optimization, and cost savings; allowing them to attract and retain quality employees with a group benefits plan that offers each of them the most value possible.

Canada’s top wealth advisor is avoiding banks and consumer stocks - here's why!

Experienced advisors know how to handle the toughest of years by not succumbing to fearful reactions when it comes to investing.  Whether you aren’t sure on where to go from here, just starting out, or looking for another’s expert opinion, contact us at Crossgrove & Company to establish a foundation of trust in building and sustaining wealth.

Under-35 and considering buying a home? Here’s how to save!

At Crossgrove & Company, we work with all carriers in Canada and spend the time to determine which life insurance policy is best for you.  Whether it be term, universal, or whole life insurance, we analyze each quote to bring you the best results within your budget.