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Advisor business support growing across Canada’s wealth firms

Advisors require the “same high levels of service, care and thoughtfulness that, honestly, they give to their own clients,” said Andrea Hazlewood, vice-president, advisor experience and growth, with Richardson Wealth.  With new, innovative, and practical systems set in place, Crossgrove & Company is well-equipped to pass on the kind of thorough attention to detail at our disposal to all of our clients in the form of service and results.

Survey finds retirement savings plans key to employee retention

Six in 10 (60 per cent) U.S. employees say they’re more likely to stay at their current job if their employer offers a retirement savings plan, according to a new survey by Voya Financial Inc.  Pension plans are just one of the facets of an organization's benefit mix that we, at Crossgrove & Company, can confidently guide you through.

How can you use life insurance to grow and protect wealth?

Life insurance can be more than insuring your life. Did you know that you can also build wealth via life insurance? Find out how by contacting us at Crossgrove & Company.  We'll walk you through the process of strategically choosing the policy or policies that are right for you!

12 Services Many Financial Advisors Offer (That Clients May Not Know About)

Many clients view their personal financial advisors as solely focused on investments and retirement. Businesses may reach out to their advisors only at tax time. However, there are many other impactful ways both business and personal financial advisors can assist and guide their clients. Additionally, there are new technologies and options that financial advisors can leverage to help their clients achieve optimal results.  Let our experts at Crossgrove & Company get you on the right track to your future.

Three steps organizations should take when personalizing employee benefits

Canadian employers face conflicting pressures amid a pandemic-driven labour shortage. While inflation, economic volatility and rising costs are squeezing organizations’ budgets, employees also want more from their prospective employers. But with the fierce competition for talent, employers also can’t afford to skimp on employee benefits.  At Crossgrove & Company, we bring our clients material savings year over year without sacrificing benefits.  Contact us to see what we can do for you and your organization!

Canadians with financial advisers more positive about future

According to financial services provider Primerica, Inc. in its Canadian Financial Security Monitor, a national survey that measures how Canadian families view their finances, Canadians with access to a financial adviser feel more positive about their financial future.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company and allow us to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve!

How to prepare for health scares and protect financial well-being

Clients should ask themselves if they get sick and can’t work, will they be able to take care of themselves, their family, and protect their financial well-being?  Let us at Crossgrove & Company guide through acquiring the optimal policies for your unique situation.

Employers seeing paramedical claims return to pre-pandemic levels

As the coronavirus crisis enters an endemic phase, employers are beginning to see a return to pre-pandemic levels in paramedical benefits’ usage.  Let us at Crossgrove & Company show you how best to go about premium stability for group benefits in years with high claims.

I don’t need disability insurance, I have group benefits

Many of us have disability insurance through our employee benefits but, all told, only 8% of working Canadians pay for coverage out of their own pocket.

In this Q&A, Jim talks about the realities of disability insurance, the shortfalls of group benefits, and the importance of protecting yourself from life’s worst-case scenarios.

Canadians Putting a Premium on Advice as They Navigate Current Market Environment

In advance of Financial Literacy Month, IG Wealth Management (IG) today released a study on Canadians and personal financial planning. According to the study, Canadians are feeling uncertain when it comes to their personal finances. However, those who use a financial advisor are much more likely to feel secure and "financially healthy" as they navigate current market conditions.  Crossgrove & Company can help with not just how secure you feel, but also with the results you achieve.

For many restaurant workers, health benefits are rare. Amid an 'existential' labour shortage, that's changing

Staffing shortage is pushing restaurant operators to be more competitive, expert says.  Some restaurants have started offering health or dental benefits for servers and cooks to attract new workers and help retain staff during a labour shortage.  In an industry that's all about taking care of people, group benefit plans through Crossgrove & Company will send the right message in taking care of your employees, as well.

The one benefit those leaving a 9-to-5 don’t have: Health insurance

For Canadians wishing to escape the traditional 9-to-5, the opportunities are endless. Whether it’s starting their own business or taking an early retirement to enjoy life, the options are as exciting as they are varied. While these choices may provide more freedom and flexibility, there’s something that gets left behind when workers embark on a new career or life path: group health benefits offered by their former employers.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to explore those options and beyond!

A different option in Canadian wealth management

Canada’s Big Five banks have a dominating share of wealth management services in this country. But they often provide a commoditized, “cookie-cutter” approach to investment solutions that don’t always suit the needs of high-net-worth Canadian investors.  In recent years, a new offering has emerged – one that allows investment advisors to deliver uniquely customized solutions to meet the desired outcomes of their clients.

88% of benefits plan sponsors satisfied with virtual health-care offerings

A majority (88 per cent) of benefits plan sponsors are very (34 per cent) or somewhat (54 per cent) satisfied with their organization’s virtual health-care offerings, up from nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) in 2021, according to the 2022 Benefits Canada Healthcare Survey.  Here, at Crossgrove and Company, Member's Health has become a very popular virtual health care service amongst ourselves as well as our clients!

Are We In The Final Inning?

It now seems possible, perhaps probable, that the dollar will take a reprieve from its parabolic rally, if more central banks start to imitate in a cooperative manner what the aforementioned ones have recently done. 

Dying in Canada is costing a fortune – and worse, it’s not how we want to go

“Canadians spend more on end-of-life care than other high-income countries, including the U.S., yet we achieve poor results compared to most.”  Each year, about one in every 100 Canadians dies. The vast majority of those deaths, 80 per cent, are people over the age of 65. And most die of chronic illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and COPD.  Contact us at Crossgrove and Company where you'll receive sound advice when it comes to relieving the costs associated with not only critical illnesses, but what they often lead to: death.

Do you need health and dental insurance in retirement?

About 2.2 million Canadians over 65 years old have supplementary health insurance coverage for drugs/dental through individual or group benefit plans, according to the Canadian Health and Life Insurance Association.  Still, there are millions left wondering if health and dental insurance are really necessary in retirement – and what options are out there.  Acquiring and retaininng quality employees has much to do with the group benefits that an organization offers its employees.  Whether you're an employer or an individual, Crossgrove & Company can guide you in making sound, affordable decisions when it comes to health coverage for yourself, your family, and even your employees.  Contact us today!

Baby Boomers’ Biggest Financial Risk: Cognitive Decline

For baby boomers who manage their own nest eggs, a risk is looming that has nothing to do with stock prices or interest rates.  The risk is cognitive decline, which can rob them of their judgment, often without much warning.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to avoid the pitfalls of cognitive decline and have peace of mind knowing that your financial decisions are in the hands of professionals you can trust.

David Rosenberg: You know a market is all priced in when …

How do you know when the markets are all priced in? When good news fails to incite a positive price reaction.  Read more in our blog post, and be sure to contact us at Crossgrove & Company in order to keep from falling victim to natural tendencies when looking at the markets.  With our advisors, you can always count on sound and timely advice!

Paramedical benefits sector riding virtual health care wave

At the time, virtual physiotherapy might have seemed like a bit of a novelty. But then, roughly half a year later, the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Canada, sending employees to work from home and forcing a sudden change in how benefits were delivered. Virtual physiotherapy — and virtual everything else — was no longer a niche offering.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to find out about the many Group Benefit options available to you and your organization!