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The one benefit those leaving a 9-to-5 don’t have: Health insurance

Fri, Oct 28, 2022 4:00 PM GMT

For Canadians wishing to escape the traditional 9-to-5, the opportunities are endless. Whether it’s starting their own business or taking an early retirement to enjoy life, the options are as exciting as they are varied.

While these choices may provide more freedom and flexibility, there’s something that gets left behind when workers embark on a new career or life path: group health benefits offered by their former employers.

If you’re self-employed, retired, or just starting out in the work world, it’s important to set yourself up for the best possible health insurance, because a medical issue or trip to the dentist could set you back financially. By having proper coverage, you can rest easy knowing you can afford the care you need, no matter the health circumstance. However, just like scheduling around your contract jobs or preparing to retire from your long-time employment, it requires planning.

It’s true: under the Canada Health Act, all Canadians are entitled to basic health care. However, it often doesn’t cover things like prescription drugs, eye glasses and many other expenses that can greatly impact one’s finances.

A plan that’s tailored to you

In a world where work has become more flexible, so too should your health benefits. Blue Cross Health™, the latest offering from Ontario Blue Cross®, provides the option to mix and match benefits based on various plans. For example, if you only need basic dental insurance, but require a more robust prescription drug plan, that combination can be personalized for you. There are also plans with no overall maximum for drug and dental coverage.

Whatever your needs, stage of life and budget, there’s a health insurance plan for you and it’s yours to own. That means even if you change careers, stop working, or experience a life change, your policy will follow you. It’s even a practical option for those changing from one permanent employer to another while waiting for their new benefits plan to kick in.

For the self-employed, there is also the potential tax benefit to consider. Many Health plans are eligible medical expenses under the Canadian Income Tax Act, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

Crossgrove & Company brokers plans that offer a range of health and wellness tools. From registered massage therapy and acupuncture to vision and chiropractic care, you will have access to both an online portal to view your plan and an app designed specifically for claims submissions, meaning you can send in your claims right from your phone or tablet. You can also use the site or the app to search for health care providers in your area.

Crossgrove & Company's brokered plans are very convenient too, as they include a variety of virtual options accessible from anywhere in Canada. Some plans provide services as expedient as prescription renewal and delivery, or the option to have an appointment with a doctor either virtually or by phone. Those with chronic conditions can also get services online that are specific to their health care needs.

So, go ahead and open that dream business, pursue that writing contract you’ve always wanted, or make the most of your golden years without missing a beat with your benefits. Crossgrove & Company will help you get the right health coverage wherever life may take you.


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