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Do you need health and dental insurance in retirement?

About 2.2 million Canadians over 65 years old have supplementary health insurance coverage for drugs/dental through individual or group benefit plans, according to the Canadian Health and Life Insurance Association.  Still, there are millions left wondering if health and dental insurance are really necessary in retirement – and what options are out there.  Acquiring and retaininng quality employees has much to do with the group benefits that an organization offers its employees.  Whether you're an employer or an individual, Crossgrove & Company can guide you in making sound, affordable decisions when it comes to health coverage for yourself, your family, and even your employees.  Contact us today!

Paramedical benefits sector riding virtual health care wave

At the time, virtual physiotherapy might have seemed like a bit of a novelty. But then, roughly half a year later, the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Canada, sending employees to work from home and forcing a sudden change in how benefits were delivered. Virtual physiotherapy — and virtual everything else — was no longer a niche offering.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to find out about the many Group Benefit options available to you and your organization!

Medavie Blue Cross introduces new group plan option for small businesses

Medavie Blue Cross’s new “Benefits for Small Business” plan provides coverage for extended health care, including vision care, prescription drugs, dental, disability, in addition to life and travel insurance. It is available for small businesses with up to 10 employees in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.  As Group Benefit Consultants, we at Crossgrove & Company always have our finger on the pulse of the entire market, allowing us to get you the most suitable and robust plan available while providing you with material savings year over year!  Contact us today!

What's the solution to increasing drug-plan costs for plan sponsors?

"While drug-plan costs are increasing for plan sponsors, the causes for these increases may depend on which part of Canada a plan sponsor resides in."  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company to explore the ways in which you and your organization can address the rising costs of drugs for your plan members!

What’s Next In Group Benefits: Meeting Today’s Evolving Employee Needs

As employers renew their commitment to their employee benefits strategies, they’re looking to brokers and insurance carriers to help them deliver holistic offerings that reflect the evolving landscape and address employees’ financial wellbeing needs.  Contact us at Crossgrove & Company for a free comprehensive review that has us saving you 10% or more on equal or better group benefits!

Expert panel: How to communicate the value of a benefits plan to employees

Employee benefits plans are often one of the most expensive talent acquisition and retention tools offered by organizations these days. If this is the case, then why are many of these undeniably valuable plans continually struggling to convey that value?  With Crossgrove & Company, you get much more than just brokerage services.  We explain your benefits package and discuss options and strategies as a team or even with individual plan members.  Contact us today!

Expert Panel: Think of health-care spending accounts as the duct tape of benefits plans

Employers looking to improve some of their benefits plan’s shortcomings, while adding flexibility and value for all employees, need look no further than a health-care spending account.  Contact us today to have an experienced and successful advisor be your guide!

2020 Group Benefits Providers Report: Personal touch

The next decade will push group benefits plans into the era of hyper-personalization, thanks to new technologies like big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. In addition to providing a customized experience based on data-driven personas, providers are striving to tailor hyper-relevant experiences for individual users and their evolving contexts.  Contact us today to get expert advice on the efficiencies of your group benefits...

Employers helping employees battle mental-health challenges

Following a year when, for better or worse, mental health was thrust even further into the spotlight, Benefits Canada is highlighting all five finalists by sharing the history behind their mental-health strategies, how they’ve evolved during the coronavirus pandemic and what makes their organizations stand out on employee well-being.  Talk to us today about your group benefits plan design and save 10% or more for equal or better benefits!

Plan sponsors, pension plans taking lessons from 2020 to decade ahead

“Investors will be ill-served by a backward-looking approach to risk and will be best served by an holistic approach, particularly one that employs scenarios.”  Now, more than ever, the way Crossgrove & Company has always approached wealth management - holistically - will be of utmost importance.  Contact us today!

Hyundai Canada focuses on mental-health benefits amid pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the landscape of Canadian workplaces. Now, more than ever, communication and compassion are imperative for employees to feel secure and supported by their employers.  At Crossgrove & Company, we consult with you and employ our expertise in ensuring that your workforce is well-maintained for the most competitive premiums in the market.  

Concentrated portion of plan members responsible for 53% of total drug costs in 2019: report

With total drugs expenses and the number of claimants on the rise, it's important to ensure your workforce is protected by optimal coverage while mitigating both premiums as well as exposure to incurred claims.  Read further to learn more about the changing landscape of group benefit cost breakdowns.  Here, at Crossgrove & Co., we show our clients and prospects how to best achieve their goals with regards to a group benefit plan while producing material savings year over year.  Contact us to get a free group benefits quote and let us save you 10% or more on an equal or more robust group benefits plan!

Is it time for employers to take a look at voluntary benefits?

In a landscape where choice is paramount, having an advisor to help you navigate those options will help you get the most out of your plan...

Employee, employer views on quality of benefits plans differ, finds Sanofi survey

“Organizations that promote the health and well-being of their employees certainly stood out in the context of the labour shortage before the COVID-19 health crisis. They will stand out even more after this crisis,” said Brigette Marcoux, organizational health senior advisor at SSQ Life Insurance Co. and a member of the Sanofi Canada advisory board.

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and your Benefits Plan

Concerns about COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, may cause employers and employees to wonder about the impact this virus may have on their health benefits plan.

How is benefits plan design evolving?

“Technology is enabling the industry to explore new and better ways to bring flexibility into plan design,” said Marie-Chantal Côté, vice-president of market development and group benefits at Sun Life Canada and an advisory board member. “And as plan members exercise their choices and become more familiar and engaged with their benefits plan, we will see greater opportunities to proactively interact with them — for example, with recommendations that support healthy behaviours.”

Working Through COVID-19 Employee Benefits Survey

As COVID-19 distancing measures continue into the year, Canadian organizations are exploring ways to reduce any overhead they can. 

The Conference Board of Canada asked organizations across the countryhow they are managing employee benefits—both for active and laid-off employees.   

Here’s what we found.